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Blowing my own trumpet

I bought the domain name as soon as it became available back in 1998. Previously it had been owned by a Ferguson Tractor enthusiast in Norfolk who ended up moving his website to something more appropriate (I think it has the words ‘ferguson’ and ‘tractor’ in the name).

After getting my hands on the domain I set it up as a rather static site based around my podcasting, with links to my homepage, and a list of other Graham Holland’s around the world. It wasn’t very interesting…

However, now that I have to make my own way in the world (redundancy does that to you) I’ve decided to use it as my main website, with information about all the things I’m really good at and enjoy doing, and links to my various outposts online. The hope is that someone might see it and decide to pay me to (a) do some e-learning stuff in their school, (b) build and run their website, (c) run their music event or handle the PR, or (d) produce podcasts for them.

I’ve started using LinkedIn a lot more of late, and have taken some of the recommendations that people have left for me and added them to this site. In this I take Captain Edmund Blackadder (from Blackadder Goes Forth) as my inspiration.

Lieutenant George: I don’t like blowing my own trumpet.

Captain Blackadder: You might have at least told us you had a trumpet.

I’m using WordPress as the platform and Wise Business as the theme. I’ve just about got it up and running, although I need to do a bit of php editing (yawn) to get the home page looking right, and have to work out how some of the other features work. I have to work out how to change things like “Clients that love us” to “Clients that love me” (or something a little less pretentious) [done], and how to add a LinkedIn logo and link next to the twitter and facebook logos at the bottom [done, with facebook link removed].

I’m also going to try to blog on a regular basis. I used to have a regular blog during the time when I was living and working in Taiwan back in 2004/5, with some of the content making its way onto the It’s A Frog’s Life In Taiwan site. I blogged about the culture, the food, our trips, and enjoyed writing reviews of the many books I read. I had every intention of continuing it when I came back to the UK by changing it first into a blog about Liverpool, then into an extra shownotes page for my new podcast. Neither worked out in the end.

So that’s where I’m up to at the moment. The website is a work in progress, but at least I’ve got one that looks (or will look) pretty good and is easy for me to update.

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  • ~ Fraser McGregor

    "Just found the website. Having only played Liverpool twice, and struggling to get stage time I will find this site very useful, just what I was looking for. Hopefully after playing a few more open mic nights in and around the city i will find the venues that best fit my music... Hoping to find down to earth warm venues. This site will definatly help with open mic diary, it's exactly what I was looking for. Fraser McGregor"

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