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Graham Holland


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There’s a story. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin.

It was April 2005 when I moved back to the UK after living in Taiwan for a year. I decided to ditch my Internet Services Provider (ISP) of 11 years along with my zaba@enterprise.net email address (I still miss it), and my homepages.enterprise.net/zaba website (I don’t miss that). The original enterprise.net company had been bought out twice and being an ISP had become a low priority for the new company. I was paying a lot of money each month, and not getting a lot for it.

So I decided to move to a new ISP – 1&1.co.uk – and to register my own domain. Imagine my horror when I found out that grahamholland.co.uk was already registered and was being used to host a Fergusson Tractor website. Not only that, the owner wasn’t even called Graham Holland! This is the point when I registered itsafrogslife.net instead.

In 2008 I noticed that the grahamholland.co.uk web domain was no longer being used so I bought it and have used it ever since. Originally the website used a basic html template and listed the podcasts I was involved with, along with a list of other Graham Hollands around the world. In 2010 I moved over to a WordPress instal as a better way to showcase my different areas of work – building websites, running live music events, producing podcasts, and copywriting.

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